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Neiman Marcus Beauty Panel

Neiman Marcus Beauty PanelNeiman Marcus Beauty Panel

Neiman Marcus Short Hills hosted an exclusive Beauty Panel featuring our Founder & Designer, Margaux Minutolo, alongside beauty experts: Tatiana of We Shop in Heels, Kristin Favaloro of Beauty & The Burbs, Bella Bee of Bella Bee Blog & Julie Kaminski of Healthy-Body Happy-Mind. The event included must-have beauty products of 2018 which were gifted, tested over a one-month span, then candidly reviewed in front of a live audience hosted by the knowledgeable and hilarious Donna of Neiman Marcus. 

If you didn't get to join the live Beauty Panel over the weekend, no need to fret. Read Margaux's real-talk review below on: Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer, R & Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm and 8 Greens Tablets.

Neiman Marcus Beauty Panel

*This post is sponsored but all reviews are my own. 


Dyson: Supersonic Blowdryer

Dyson supersonic blowdryer neiman marcus reviewDyson Supersonic Blowdryer Neiman Marcus Review

I have really thick, frizz-prone hair - so you can imagine how excited I was to receive the most talked about Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer. With claims for faster drying, lighter-weight and less damage to the hair, I immediately ripped open the box and took this baby for a spin.

At first glance this product does not look like the typical blowdryer - I mean, it has a hole in the center! After a little research I quickly learned that the infamous Dyson "digital-motor" is teeny tiny and hidden inside the handle, therefore allowing the head of the blowdryer to have a hollow, light-weight center. This not only makes the dryer lighter, it also redistributes weight, so it is not top-heavy. In addition, the digital-motor uses advanced technology (found in the Dyson vacuums and hand-dryers) that combines 3 heat settings + 3 air-flow settings, allowing you to change up the heat/speed based on your hair type and desired outcome.  (The heat settings light up red and the air-flow settings light up white. It is super simple!)

I noticed that the high velocity air-flow dried my thick hair exceptionally quick and with less heat required - resulting in less damage to my hair. I also tried the Blowdryer with the highest heat settings and was happy to find that it never felt too hot or smelled like burning hair, which often happens with my other blowdryers. Additionally, the blowdryer comes with 3 magnetic styling tips which attach very easily. The magnetic closure allows you to quickly rotate the angle of the styling tips in order to easily target different sections of your hair. My favorite styling tip is the Smoothing Nozzle, which made my hair dry fast with NO frizz or poodle poof! That completely sold me. Fast drying hair + no frizz, what else could a girl ask for?

Here are the details of how I used the Supersonic Blowdryer:

-For a quick basic dry it took me under 5 minutes, every time, which is a miracle! (Heat + Air Flow on highest settings) You can use no styling tip or the Smoothing Nozzle if you have frizzy hair.

-For a more styled dry it took me no longer than 10 minutes when using a round brush technique! (Heat Medium + Airflow Low) This technique requires the Smoothing nozzle in order to focus on one section of the hair at a time.

-I always dry my roots first before starting the round-brush technique, which is a trick I learned from professional stylists.

All in all, this Blowdryer has drastically cut down my drying time by more than half and resulted in less frizzy hair. 

Other things I noticed: 

-The air intake is in the bottom of the handle - this is major! I will no longer get my hair sucked into the back vent, AMEN. 

-The non-slip texture feels much nicer than the traditional hard plastic material.

-The sound is very quiet, soothing and less harsh. 

-The cord is very long (9ft) and does not coil or get tangled like a traditional dryer. 

-The dryer never exceeds 302 degrees and is checked every 20 seconds by a thermometer chip inside. You can rest assured, your hair will not be fried or smell burnt.

-It easily scratches as it has a matte texture. Store inside of a dust bag if you don't purchase the case. (Neiman Marcus is the only store offering the case for free, a $50 value, so I'd suggest it.)

-The cool shot is great for setting your style. It gets cool very fast. 

-The price includes: Diffuser, Styling Concentrator and my fav - the Smoothing Nozzle.

-They have a 2 year warranty that you simply register online and a call center to help out if need be.

-Available at: Neiman Marcus, $399 (a $449 value!)


R & Co: Park Ave Blow Out Balm

R & Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm

If you are familiar with R & Co, you already know it is the sister brand of Oribe. Their products are thoughtfully created by hair artists. I used the Park Ave Blow Out Balm in combination with the Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer and let me tell you - they work very well together. 

The Blow Out Balm is not sticky, heavy or greasy. It kept my hair feeling light and voluminous all day long. I used a dime size amount on damp hair and pulled it through from roots to ends. It smells nice and refreshing with Sicilian lemon, tangerine and eucalyptus notes, although not overwhelming so it will not interfere with your perfume. I really love that it is a multi use product: it conditions (rice protein), adds shine (vitamin E), volume (B5), protects from styling tools and beautifully held my style in place while leaving my hair soft and flexible (soy protein). 

If you're not into fretting over a dozen products to keep your locks under control, this is definitely the product for your perfect blow out. Great for traveling too as it is an all-in-one product!

Available at: Neiman Marcus, $29


8 Greens: Essential Greens Booster

8 Greens Neiman Marcus Review

I was very excited to receive the 8 Greens Tablets as health and nutrition are very important to me. With that being said, I was not looking forward to the "green" gritty taste I was expecting these tables to have. Fortunately, I was wrong! (Yes, this is probably the only time I am happy to be wrong.) These tablets taste so delicious, like a limeade or Crystal Light! Their slogan, "from farm to fizz," says it all: simply add 1 tablet to a glass of water and they fizz until they dissolve, similar to Airborne.

I really enjoy drinking these in a glass of water with fresh lemon, resulting in a delicious, magical, almost virgin margarita! The overall consensus on this product between me and the rest of the beauty experts: it makes water taste more interesting, it is only 8 calories per serving and provides so many nutrients that are good for your overall health (B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Zinc). 

I passionately believe that everyone should try these tables. It is a great alternative to eating cups and cups and cups of kale, broccoli, wheatgrass, etc. while still benefiting from all of the nutrients these veggies have to offer. It is a great way to get children to "drink their veggies" and a great product for the girl on the go who doesn't enjoy a $10 green juice every day. For $1.40 per tablet, I suggest you try the sampler pack below and start off 2018 with good health and 8 greens.

Available at: Neiman Marcus, $14 for 10 tablets

P.S. After doing research, I've learned the woman who started this company is a cancer survivor. Now I love 8 Greens even more! Cheers to conquering the C word.


Xx MM 

karma for a cure margaux minutolo at neiman marcus beauty panel

KARMA for a cure at Neiman Marcus

A special thank you to team KARMA and everyone who joined in support of the event.

Photographed from left to right:

Darel in the Jet-Set Fringe Jacket, Cream

Margaux in the Fringe Cuff Blouse, Black & Traveler Trousers, Black

Dawn in the World Peace & Prosecco Knit Sweater

Dana in the Jet-Set Fringe Jacket, Black


Featuring Photography by Bella Bee Blog