Retreat with Guest Blogger, Brittany Bamrick


As we step into a new season, there's something in the atmosphere that usually supports feelings of cleansing, clearing and redirecting your energy. The quality of the air feels different. It's time to release the old to make space for the new. At the onset of spring, everyone can respond differently. But what Mother Nature shows us is that we all need to prioritize ridding our life of what no longer serves us so we can experience a rebirth.

For me, a series of overly-scheduled weeks led up to a physical reaction - a clear indicator from the Universe by way of my skin + body that I needed to lay low instead of continuing to burn the candle at both ends. Prioritizing self-care, rest, and compassion was no longer a luxury, it was a necessity. So I've been doing just that. Dreaming up and planning getaways to beachside escapes while I lounge in a Himalayan-salt + seaweed bath and heading to bed early.



A retreat doesn't always need plane tickets, a luxurious spa visit or yoga overlooking the ocean. During these "confused" months (my app literally says 57 degrees and snow tomorrow - thanks, New Jersey), we're gifted the opportunity to create our own retreat center in the comfort of our own home. My favorite place to zen out in my apartment is in my bedroom - beneath the salt lamps and twinkle lights, amidst my crystal shelves and essential oils collection. Throwing a blend of my favorite oils (lavender, peppermint/tea tree, and doTERRA's On Guard blend) in my diffuser, turning up the volume on my Spotify and snuggling into some cozy sweats is where I feel most at peace.


From this state of ease and comfort, I become more productive and everything in my life becomes aligned. Maybe I'll meditate, read (I'm currently studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine), or write my top to-do's in my planner. Above all else, I create a sacred space that FEELS good and that allows me to vibrate at my highest frequency so that everything else in my life follows suit.


Once the sun finally comes out to play, I'll be ready to play along. Well rested, healthy and vibrant - just as it was always intended. When all else fails, it never hurts to book an actual retreat. Pack your (yoga) mat, hop on a plane, and soak up the sun. My go-to? Mexico. I'm powerless over vitamin sea. ;)



We've done the work for you and found the ultimate health and wellness getaway to add to your must-do list. Join the author, Brittany Bamrick, along with her bestie + fellow yoga rockstar, Ashley Griffin, for a full week in paradise, January 26-February 2, 2019. The ladies of Bliss Camp Retreats can't wait to get you #blissedout on the beaches of Sayulita, Mexico for their inaugural surf and yoga retreat. Follow @blisscampretreats on Instagram for details!


Brittany is wearing KARMA for a Cure Vacation Tank

Photography by Anjanette McGrath