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What Would Freddy Do?

Freddy KARMA Inspiration

KARMA for a cure was founded on the belief of doing good; creating acts of kindness, spreading love and light, and curing our beautiful planet. We are passionate about creating awareness and raising donations for causes we believe in, as well as creating positive impact everyday. Every selfless act, whether big or small, is a step in the right direction for spreading peace and positivity throughout the world. 

My father, Freddy, had the most positive and charismatic personality. He is my inspiration and was an inspiration to many. He embraced everyone with open arms, never judging and always looking out for their best interest. Everyone trusted Freddy and considered him a great friend or an overprotective "uncle". He was a giver, a problem solver and a believer. 

A few years ago, while my father was battling lung and brain cancer, he heard about a little boy Javier who was sick. Javier's mother, Andrea, was devastated to find out that her 5 year old son suffered from a severe diagnosis of Vesicoureteral Reflux, yet her insurance company refused to help.

What would Freddy do?

Freddy, having never met Javier, and battling his own cancer, took this little boys health into his own hands. He called a few friends (from being a patient for so long, you have a rolodex of doctors) and got him an immediate appointment with his caring urologist, Dr. Ahmed. After further exams, the news got worse. Javier's condition was very bad and required immediate surgery. Thankfully, the talented Dr. Tennenbaum stepped in and was able to perform a successful surgery at no cost to Javier's family. 

This selfless act of kindness was second nature to Freddy. It was a human reaction to do whatever he could to help this little boy. Javier is now a healthy 7 year old, who learned at a young age the meaning of true friendship and helping others. Javier often says, "Freddy saved my life. He is my best friend." He has since created a special bond with Freddy that will last a lifetime.

At my father's funeral, Javier was the first to arrive with a bouquet of flowers and hand drawn card. I truly feel blessed that Javier and his beautiful family were brought into my life. Even in times of hardship, God has a way of bringing people together for the good. Every day without my father, I miss him more and more, but when I think of Javier and remember that my father will live on through him, through me, through KARMA for a cure, and through all of the other people who are positively impacted through our mission, it makes me smile. 

Next time you have the opportunity to perform some act of kindness, I challenge you to take the time, lend a hand, spread some good karma.

After all, what goes around comes around.

Xo Margaux



Freddy and Javier Family by KARMA for a cure

Freddy and Javier by KARMA for a cure