What Would Freddy Do?

Freddy KARMA Inspiration

KARMA for a cure was founded on the belief of doing good; creating acts of kindness, spreading love and light, and curing our beautiful planet. We are passionate about creating awareness and raising donations for causes we believe in, as well as creating positive impact everyday. Every selfless act, whether big or small, is a step in the right direction for spreading peace and positivity throughout the world. 

My father, Freddy, had the most positive and charismatic personality. He is my inspiration and was an inspiration to many. He embraced everyone with open arms, never judging and always looking...

Heart of Courage


Antonia Certificate of Courage

This past year I had the pleasure of meeting the most courageous spirit - Antonia Giordano. She is a 9 year old, 4 ft 5 in fierce firecracker who has been battling TGA, "Transposition of the Greater Arteries," with Vascular Septical Defect since she was born. In simpler terms, Antonia was born with a hole in her heart that has caused her to undergo four major surgeries with several pacemakers. At only 9 years young, she has overcome fear in order to face life's toughest battle that most people take for granted -...


At Karma for a Cure our medium has always been fashion and our core mission has always been philanthropy. We are passionate about finding a cure for cancer, as it is a disease very close to my heart. My fathers battle with cancer started in 2001; he ultimately lost the fight in 2015. It is my goal to continue to support the innovative physicians who gave my father a few extra years while the scientific odds were against him. 

Neurosurgeon George Kaptain, M.D. and neuro-oncologist Samuel A. Goldlust, M.D. are the talented, hardworking and caring physicians who have made a...