What Goes Around: Series 1 with VBPR


Margaux Minutolo, KARMA for a Cure and Valerie Bendish, VBPR

"When we support each other, incredible things happen." 

KARMA for a Cure by Margaux is a women owned private label brand. Throughout the years I am grateful to have had the support of women and men alike. Generous, kind and thoughtful humans of all genders, colors, shapes and sizes. Beautiful souls who are passionate about the story behind KARMA, because one thing is for sure - disease does not discriminate - and either should we. Creative collaborations are key to growing our brand message and I truly believe we can achieve more success and create more beautiful content when everyone comes together to inspire and support each other. 

The vehicle of the KARMA brand is fashion but the passion behind the brand is philanthropy. What is philanthropy? By definition, philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others.

At KARMA for a Cure by Margaux, we exercise philanthropy on a daily basis. We do this in many different ways, mostly from behind the scenes. As our mission states, we donate back 10% of proceeds year round to cancer research. We support diverse causes at local events, donating back additional proceeds to non-profits and those in need (from at risk-animals to human trafficking victims to children with special needs). We do not discriminate on who, when or where to give back to. But as we know, philanthropy is more than donations and raising awareness for causes we are passionate about. Philanthropy is promoting the welfare of others and having integrity, kindness and character.

Behind the scenes, we support start-ups, work with small entrepreneurial factories and care greatly for the environment through daily sustainable choices. We believe in protecting animals and never harming them. These are little things embedded within our brand DNA that come so naturally to our highly curated team. 

Often, we meet amazing individuals with the same passion for philanthropy and a spark ignites. We love to create, collaborate and celebrate these humans. We are tired of the negative news and disappointed in all of the hate in this world. That is why we have chosen to create a positive voice through our new Blog Series: "What Goes Around" highlighting the the good humans whom we meet during our journey. Let's spread more love and create good KARMA. Series 1 begins below...


KARMA for a Cure x VBPR Behind The Scenes Blog

When I first launched KARMA, a friend reached out to help on the side with PR. Her kindness and willingness to teach me about Press Releases was greatly appreciated and never forgotten. Doing something kind without asking for anything in return - this is good karma and this is the definition of a "philanthropic fashionista" (a slogan from our original t-shirt collection in 2012). Many years later she has launched her own company: VBPR. Today I'd like to highlight her as our first "What Goes Around" Blog Series.

Valerie Bendish is the founder of the charitable boutique agency, VBPR specializing in event planning, public relations and photography. Her new company brings all services under one roof - with a focus on philanthropy. The fit for both of our brands could not be any sweeter. She also works with personal clients (not only businesses) on a freelance basis, catering to their specific needs. (i.e. weddings etc.)

We recently collaborated on the new Italian inspired "La Dolce Vita" photoshoot. We wanted to use our platforms to drive positive social change and inspire women and young girls to embrace their inner confidence - to highlight that beauty comes from within - that there is more to fashion than what meets the eye. Inner confidence and how you style your ensemble shows the world your individuality. You consciously + subconsciously make decisions on how to dress and style yourself daily. There is no right or wrong, if you feel good - that is what people respond to. Uniqueness, kindness, confidence and individuality should be celebrated. Embrace your inner Beyonce. 

For the photoshoot we kept things real and simple: no models, no professional hair and makeup, no special lighting - just little old me behind the creative lens of Valerie. I should note: during my journey as a Designer, I have had so many women say to me, "I love your clothes - but I am not a model" followed by "when I see you or your Mom wearing KARMA, it makes me more confident. Your clothing is made for real women's bodies." That is exactly right, KARMA is made by women for women and now shot by a woman on a real woman. Say that 10 times fast. The collaboration with KARMA and VBPR is the first time I have used photos of myself on my website. In the past, the mere thought of it made me awkwardly uncomfortable. But your support and encouragement to see real women has inspired me. Valerie's encouragement has inspired me. I hope to inspire you as well. I design each item with a women's body in mind and truly enjoying seeing and sharing client photos. (Send us yours: info@karmaforacure.com or tag us on social media @karmaforacure)

Working with Valerie was a true pleasure and the photos came out honest, effortless and real. Mission accomplished thanks to a creative collab and a supportive friend who made me feel comfortable behind her lens...

A message from Valerie, Founder of VBPR: 

"My first thought in creating VBPR was that I wanted it to be a philanthropic agency.  It’s so important to support fellow entrepreneurs, especially women and to realize the power of pairing a passion with a cause.  Photographing the KARMA for a Cure line on founder and designer Margaux Minutolo was a pleasure.  As longtime friends, we were able to celebrate the art of doing what we love professionally and as women we were able to empower each other while raising awareness for the important causes of our time. We want to highlight the strength in kindness and the continued mission of expressing individuality while collaborating to rise above adversity, together. We can all win."- Valerie Bendish 

On behalf of Team KARMA, Valerie and I, we hope you enjoyed our simple yet important message in Series 1 of "What Goes Around". We hope that you take the time to celebrate the goodness you see in others and tell someone today how much you appreciate them. We hope you encourage the youth around you to see past models, social media and celebs. Our youth should be encouraged to see that true beauty comes from within. Lastly, we thank you for reading and hope you receive kindness + good KARMA in return for your positive efforts.

After all, what goes around comes back around in the circle of KARMA.  


Margaux Minutolo, KARMA for a Cure by VBPR

*Photo of Margaux wearing KARMA Amalfi Eyelet Blouse + Lago Di Como Linen Joggers by VBPR


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